Nugget – Dried Whole Cone

Available Now

Whole cones: Harvested in September 2016, dried, vacuum-sealed and kept in cold storage on our farm. Please note price does not include delivery – but we promise to work with you.

1-ounce packages; $2.00/1-ounce package
Made for the home-brewer: conveniently sealed in 2 separate 1/2-ounce packets to keep it fresh.

By the pound; $16.00/pound
For bigger brew houses or SERIOUS home-brewers; conveniently sealed in 2 or 3-ounce packets to keep it fresh.

Looking for pelletized hops? We are members of the Wisconsin Hop Exchange, and they manage the storage and sales of all our pelletized hops. Feel free to request a pelletized batch that includes Autumn Moon Farm!

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