Our Products

Grown and Processed 30 minutes from Wisconsin's Capital; Keeping your products Safe, Fresh and truly Local.

Discover the fresh terroir of grain, hops, beans and more, grown, processed and packaged right here on Autumn Moon Farm. Feel confident that your ingredients are handled with care and certified expertise every step of the way. We currently operate 128 acres of cropland plus 76 additional acres of pasture land – which includes the beautiful West Branch of the Sugar River.

We want to provide consistent quantity and quality as we grow. Therefore, for the 2016 harvest, we are beginning by processing just 16% of our total grain harvest or about 26 total tons of Barley, Oats and Wheat. The remaining 167 tons of grain, 28 tons of soybeans, straw and alfalfa have been sold via conventional farm markets.

Let’s grow together! Thanks to your feedback, we’ve already planned most of our 2017 acres; Winter Wheat and Winter Rye are in the ground with the majority of our preparation for Spring planting complete. Please help us plan our 2018 acres and beyond; fill out the applicable surveys to help us serve your future needs. Not sure where to start? Feel free to contact us.

Brewer & Distiller Survey [PDF]
Baker & Chef Survey [PDF]


Base Malt to Black, we can match ever-changing tastes and profiles


Simple, fresh, and harvested when the sun, wind and soil dictate its time, but with modern expertise.


Whole or Cracked; Harvested when the sun, wind and soil dictate its time.


All our hops are dried on-farm using our custom oast (drier) which features commercial quality de-humidification – not high temperatures – to preserve the best hop characteristics.


Currently, we grow conventional soybeans, but we are exploring other nitrogen fixing crops such as chick peas, northern beans or other dried beans.