Our Farm Philosophy

It’s so much more than local!

Welcome to Autumn Moon Farm! We want to serve our local brewers, distillers, bakers and other neighbors by growing and processing custom agricultural products, including malt, flour and whole grains and beans. Sustainability is essential to our plans – but what does that really mean to us and our customers? It’s so much more than local!

It may surprise you; most grain products, such as malt and flour come from grain grown thousands of miles away – often in Canada. It’s a little like local coffee roasting; it’s the processing that takes place around the corner. The agricultural production is distant. Our products will be grown, processed and packaged right on Autumn Moon Farm.

We understand that knowing the origin of your ingredients and the conditions of production are just the beginning. Living and working on the banks of the West Branch of the Sugar River, a world class trout stream, is a huge responsibility, but so is maintaining a family business consistently listed as one of the top 5 most dangerous and financially volatile professions in the world – farming.

We succeed when you succeed. We’ve spent a lot of time considering a variety of sustainability models to guide us, as we seek to serve you with malt, whole grains, flour, hops, beans and more! Our unique model is adopted from a continuous conversation on a wellness concept introduced to Becky in college: Social, Occupational, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, and Environmental. SOSPIE! – this is how we measure success!


We want to share our farm and our knowledge while expanding our community.

Therefore, we are accessible to our customers. Let’s talk about your ideas and how we can help – perhaps even have a little fun along the way!


Fair pricing for us and our customers, while working under modern, safe conditions that provide consistent quality.

We want to earn a living and so do you; let’s make it happen together.


Consider the past, delight in the present and look forward to the future.

We remain grateful, contemplative and open to others.


When’s the last time you got a full night’s sleep?

We get it; the hours are long and the work demanding under all sorts of conditions. Good communication and flexible scheduling save time. Time better spent going for a walk, preparing a healthy meal or napping.


We keep learning new things and we like it!

Certainly, we seek opportunities to explore formal training, but every conversation is an opportunity to gain knowledge, too. Let’s learn from each other and apply that wisdom to make better bread, beer, booze – or something we’ve yet to consider.


Mindful choices and community involvement make a positive impact on our neighbors.

We have a history of service for the benefit of the environment; our neighbors often mistake us for an organic farm. We are not, but have struck a balance for field and food safety with minimum use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

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