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Grown and Processed 30 minutes from Wisconsin's Capital; Keeping your products Safe, Fresh and truly Local.
About Us


Base Malt to Black, we can match ever-changing tastes and profiles


Simple, fresh, and harvested when the sun, wind and soil dictate its time, but with modern expertise.


Whole or Cracked; Harvested when the sun, wind and soil dictate its time.


All our hops are dried on-farm using our custom oast (drier) which features commercial quality de-humidification – not high temperatures – to preserve the best hop characteristics.


Currently, we grow conventional soybeans, but we are exploring other nitrogen fixing crops such as chick peas, northern beans or other dried beans.

Small Batches. Fresher Products.

Local and Sustainable: What does it mean to you?

Local is more than just processing. Sustainable is multi-faceted. We want to share our unique personal vision – and we hope you will share yours – so we can grow together.

Farm Philosophy

We have a long History of Growing Quality.

And we are still learning.

What happens when a trout angler and 5th generation farmer, marries a conservation advocate and 3rd generation farmer? Bridges are built and foundations laid for community success.

Meet Steve & Becky

Looking for a specific variety or product?

We can work with you to produce what you need!

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